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  • What are the perks I can get once I become a permanent employee?
    You can avail interest free loans (if your salary is less than INR 50,000 per month), period leaves (for females only), maternity and paternity leaves, medical insurance, etc.
  • How do I communicate formally with my colleagues?
    You will be using your Mantra Social Services google email ID and other google apps for formal communication. Apart from this, individual teams can also use WhatsApp groups as a medium of communication.
  • What is the coverage under my medical insurance?
    A coverage of INR 3 lakhs is provided to every employee, their parents, spouse and 2 children.
  • Is there a limit to the expenses I can incur on behalf of the organization?
    Yes. No organizational expense above 2000 rupees should be made with personal funds. Please reach out to your Program Manager if you have to incur expenses above 2000 rupees.
  • Are there any special leaves apart from earned leaves?
    Yes. As an employee, you are entitled to period leaves (females only), paid maternity/paternity leaves and bereavement leave. Special leaves are not valid during the probation period.
  • What is the notice period to exit the organization?
    In case of termination of employment, the notice period of 30 days is mandatory or one month's gross salary has to be paid as compensation.
  • What is the work from home policy?
    If you are in the operations team, you are required to work 1 day from the office & 1 day (optional) from home. The Remaining 3 days can be decided based on the requirement of the program by the team. If you are in the strategic and development team, you are required to work 3 days from office mandatorily.
  • Will I get travel and phone allowance as an employee?
    No. Currently, we do not provide any travel allowance or phone allowance.
  • What is my work time?
    You are required to work for 8 hours on any working day. The work timings are strictly team based, and decided based on work with your team.
  • Can I avail leaves during my notice period?
    No. You will not be eligible for availing leaves during your notice period. Any leaves availed will be considered as a loss of pay.
  • Will the organization help me track my growth?
    Yes. Your performance will be reviewed twice annually through professional review and a development plan will be created. The same will be captured in your profile on the HR portal that is mandatory to be updated regularly. You will also be going through weekly and quarterly check in with your respective managers.
  • Can I get reimbursements for expenses made on behalf of the organization?
    Yes. Organization expenses incurred need to be submitted to your Program Manager by filling forms on the HR portal and submitting the scanned copy of documents/bills within 30 days of incurring the expenditure.
  • Where do I save my work and share it with others?
    As an organization, we use Google Drive to save all the documents. Please get in touch with your Program Manager to take you through the specific folder.
  • Will I get a laptop from the organization?
    It is preferred that you own a laptop. If that is not the case, we can lend a laptop for 2 months, post you are required to arrange your personal laptop for work.
  • What options can I buy under self-L&D amount given by the organization?
    You can build your capacity by going through paid online courses, books, paid conferences, etc.
  • Can I avail leaves during my probation period?
    During the probation period, you will only be entitled to the earned leaves credited at the beginning of the month
  • Can I get my leaves encashed?
    At the end of every financial year, up to 6 leaves would be carried forward to the next year and 6 leaves or pending leaves (whichever is lower) will be encashed (on your basic pay).
  • Will I be reimbursed for travel, lodging, food, etc. while traveling for work outside my primary location?
    Yes. You will be reimbursed for the expenses as mentioned in the organizational policy
  • Are there any IT accessories provided during my joining?
    No. You are required to use your personal accessories for any work
  • Is there a regular capacity building plan for employees at Mantra?
    Yes. Your Learning and Development (L&D) will be taken care of in three parts: Organization level L&D, Team level L&D and Self L&D
  • Do we have any service desk tools to raise tickets?
    Yes. For reimbursements and vendor payments To: finance@Mantra Social Cc: guruprasad@Mantra Social; Somashekar@Mantra Social For Employee or consultant onboarding and salary or taxation related queries: To: hr.helpdesk@Mantra Social Cc: guruprasad@Mantra Social; finance@Mantra Social All escalations to be mailed to guruprasad@Mantra Social
  • How do I plan for my self L&D?
    If you are unsure, you can discuss your plan for self L&D with your Program Manager. The organization will sponsor an amount up to INR 5000 a year provided the employee owns 50% of the cost. Approval from your Manager is required for the same
  • What is my probation period when I join Mantra Social Services?
    Every employee who joins the organization will be on probation period for three months. Employment confirmation subject to performance during the probation period.
  • What is the email policy at Mantra Social Services?
    You can use your email ID only for formal work related to the organization. The turnaround time for responding to emails is generally 24 hours except in the case of urgency.
  • How many leaves do I get per month?
    You are entitled to 12 days of leaves every 6 months. The same will be credited at the beginning of April and October months. You cannot avail leaves that are not credited.
  • How is my PF calculated?
    The provident fund is a combined contribution from you as well as your employer that is deducted from your salary every month and put away in a PF account where it grows into a sizeable sum that you can avail after retirement.
  • What is the appraisal policy at the organization?
    Your performance for 1 year will be thoroughly reviewed in order to give you an appraisal. The cycle for the appraisal will be followed according to the financial year.
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